The Architecture of Discord

by Antagonist

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THIS IS THE FIRST TIME THIS RELEASE IS AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD!!! The original album was independently released in 2005, only 1000 hard copies made. It was remixed/remastered years later (2009, maybe?). Also, an older track from early demos ("Welcome to Your Let Down") was re-recorded for this version that never saw the light of day. Hope you enjoy!


released March 27, 2015

Produced/mixed/mastered by Scott Siletta in Orange, CA. Remixed/Remasted by Erol Ulug in Santa Ana, CA.



all rights reserved


Antagonist Whittier, California

ANTAGONIST will unveil their first collection of new music in 5 years, a 6 track EP entitled "Antagonist." They have replaced melodic hooks with punk and hardcore roots to get their sociopolitical message across. The EP is the biggest musical leap Antagonist has ever made, but it still holds true to what they have always been: an adversary of the status quo, socially, musically, and lyrically. ... more

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Track Name: The Nameless Shall Inherit the Earth
A day of mourning, a small piece of us died
Don't hold your breath, we'll rise above
Like the insects you believe us to be
we'll swarm your every move

Push for a change
our path towards unity
Push for a change
Louder as the fight lasts longer

Why would I want my leader to be one of us
when we are just as clueless as he?

The people divided
we must be united
The people divided
we must unite
Track Name: Pureza de Sangre
Your ghost is haunting me
a pale atrocity
Unleash the demons
Repeat your sins

Relive this state of consciousness
goes in hand in hand like life and death
Inhale, exhale, this comatose your final breath

Blind to this disease
The whites of your eyes are all I see
What do you see?

No sympathy for the weak
Kiss the pavement, swallow infection
Track Name: A Dying Sun
It's time for annihilation
Caress them with the hand of death
A civilization buried in ashes
A kingdom laid to rest
A campaign of blood tearing a whole into the earth
Funeral march for the world

The taste of vomit kisses your throat
This is a past you can't let go

We the people will decide
to leave this forsaken path behind
On your feet, march ahead
with knuckles bleeding red

In my hands
The fate of the world in our grasp

Guilt infects your throat, a past you can't let go
Track Name: The 7th Vile
Pain is not recognized
through a child's eyes
I await your departure
a shadow of your termination

The sun is setting
the storm is coming
the tears of your god are falling
what a wonderful world

Armageddon (is this the end?)
is just a flicker away
Don't speak (don't breathe)
or you'll miss the beauty of this chaos

Watch the flames as they rise
My charred body awaits for your blessing
I'll endure this suffering for eternity

My lungs are filled with sweet smelling ash
just one more sacred kiss, it'll be our last
Track Name: Your Face Deserves a Crowbar
You crossed your fingers
when you said "forever"
I should have pulled the trigger
You look much better
smashed into the ground
I hope I'm not a fortune teller

Death is serenity
Open your eyes
for one last sunset

I'll never have an explanation
for your utterly pathetic attempt at love
forgive me...
Track Name: The Nothing
Track Name: Self-Strangulation
You're dead in my eyes
Hallowed, worthless
The shit you spew will send you to the grave
Humiliation, eternal suffering

You're choking, pathetic
a parasite
Here's my finger raised to your face
with no regrets, I'll burn another bridge

You're dead in my eyes
Spineless, ignorant
Your running mouth
sounds better swollen shut
Quench your thirst
with the taste of your own blood

Your pain, your weakness
they only make me stronger
Your cries for mercy
I hope they last forever
Track Name: Redemption
I can hear your voice
you're speaking without words
but I'll never comprehend
These nightmares reappear
leaving subconscious scars
Awaken from the horror
reality has caused

You crucified yourself
for the rest of us
you're paying for our sins
You crucified yourself
rivers of red
flowing from your wrists

These waterfalls of anguish
dripping into a cup I hold
Maybe if I drank from it
I'd be something close to you

Now I bleed of you...